A blue sky is blue due to scattering – Script, camera and direction Roza van der Wal





Questioning human life in both its visibility and hiddenness is key in the film A blue sky is blue due to scattering. A beautiful example of visibility and hiddenness lays in language. I see language as a developing process over which individual people never have total control. Because of this, individuals can understand something, but don’t have control over understanding. The actors in A blue sky is blue due to scattering function as human beings in condensed life form. The actors had to play the triple role of scientist, actor and clown.                                                                                                                                                                                            

A blue sky is blue due to scattering is my recent work. For creating this work I dived into the life of a Molecular Microbial Physiology research and business group. The people in this group control and change life of Cyanobacteria for human needs as biofuels and food. Cyanobacteria were the first organisms  on earth and made all other life possible by creating the Great Oxygenation Event. I decided to turn the researchers into film actors.

The work was driven by my fascination for efficientization of non-human micro life by humans and in the film synthetic life is questioned. However being the artist I became someone who created some sort of synthetic life myself: I turned scientists into actors who had to play a role to them unknown. In creating my work I am interested in the search of abstraction in approaching a figure. What makes A figure The figure in a piece of art?

© Roza van der Wal 2016


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