ROZA VAN DER WAL news and bio


Roza van der Wal studeerde af aan de Gerrit Rietveld Academie, afdeling fotografie (2014) en heeft een bachelor culturele antropologie, Universiteit van Amsterdam (2012)

Ze is een beeldend kunstenaar en werkt als fotograaf en filmmaker

Roza van der Wal graduated Gerrit Rietveld Academy, photography department (2014) and has a bachelor Anthropology, University of Amsterdam (2012)

She is a fine artist and works as photographer and filmmaker 


Tentoonstellingen / Exhibitions



2013 Avral, with ‘Person”.                                                     


2013 Social, with ‘Video work, no title’ at Butchers Tears Brewery

Amsterdam, the Netherlands

2013 Fetterstraat’, with ‘Person’,                                         

Amsterdam, the Netherlands

2014 Gerrit Rietveld Academy Graduation Show                 

Amsterdam, the Netherlands



2013 ‘Faces’ Exhibition at billboards                                   

Hamburg, Germany 

2017 ‘A blue sky is blue due to scattering’, exhibiton 

and Film screening of this film at Science Park                   

Amsterdam, the Netherlands

2017 ‘A blue sky is blue due to scattering, at Libary

at International Short Film Festival Oberhausen                 

Oberhausen, Germany 

2020 ‘Astronomers and Neuroscientists’, Lab111     

(postponed; Covid)                                                                 

Amsterdam, the Netherlands 


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